I’m a non-conformist. It’s just how I roll. So even though my husband always goes by “Sir” when he plays with others, and I’m more than happy to call him that in person, I didn’t want to use it on my blog. Everyone calls their Sir “Sir” on their blog. I hate being like everyone! I asked him if he would be willing to come up with another title I could use in my blog. He suggested I could come up with some options for the blog, and he could choose one that he liked.

I went through quite the gamut. I’m a big GoT fan, so most of my first ideas were LordStark or Khal. But he doesn’t watch GoT and thought those were stupid ideas. He likes Disney movies, so I suggested Mufasa or Simba, but shot down again.

Then I thought, what about other languages? I found a whole website that you can put any word in, and it will give you that word in about 80 different languages! Cool beans! German: Herr. Spanish: Señor. Romanian: Domn (lol!). I looked up several variants in Thai, since we’d like to move there one day so it seemed fitting. They have a lot! It’s one of those languages that uses honorifics every time you talk to anyone, and the honorifics denote gender, relative age, educational accomplishments, and of course whether or not you’re royalty. Syr is Welsh.

Sire is just old school English. It sounds funny, but it made my list because I was brainstorming. But it wasn’t my first pick by any means (which was Khal, but as I said, he kaboshed that big time. Oh, the life of a submissive blogger can be so hard sometimes).

Fuck it. Anything that sounds cool, he thinks is stupid, and anything he likes is basically just “Sir.” Besides, am I supposed to be the submissive or not? He said he prefers Sir. He understands my nonconformity and does support me to express myself, but at the end of the day, he said he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. So fiiine. I’ll stop fussing about it and just do the easy thing. But I’m doing it under protest! Oh, who am I kidding, that’s not true at all. It’s just a word and if Sir says he prefers Sir, and my only reason for not preferring it is that it’s not original, then I just need to suck it up buttercup, and get on the submissive bandwagon!


Updated October 20, 2017: I took to the habit of calling Sir “Zeus” in the SafeworD/s Club chatroom, and he agreed that it was acceptable. It’s motivated by the whole “Leda and the swan thing” and I also like how it plays into the poly thing. Ok, so technically Zeus is the swan not her husband, but c’mon, he’s also the King of the Gods. It just makes a way better Dom nickname. I mean, who’s ever heard of Tyndareus?

7 thoughts on “A name for Sir

  1. Lol I can relate being the nonconformist myself which is why I’m pleased with the word “Sayyid” meaning Sir and Master in Arabic.
    By the way it was nice to meet you yesterday in the chat room!

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