My fellatio training continues. Sir read my post and was eager to claim his new privilege, which is of course as much my privilege if not more. Yes… I think more mine, because he’s the one that makes me stop when I’m always eager to continue!

It’s funny how quickly and easily I get in the mood when Sir claims his prize. I can be sitting there thinking about something else completely, but when he tells me to get on my knees, instantly I’m ready and eager. I’m his.

My technique is improving. Sir is patient while I experiment and learn what I’m doing down there. He gives me good feedback, always positive and encouraging. If he wants me to do something different, he says so, rather than criticising the way I’m doing it at the time.

The weirdest part for me, given my lifelong “relationship” with blowjobs, is how much I’m enjoying them, fantasizing about them, craving them.

And it’s not like I want to go suck every dick I see. But his I find myself spending far too much time thinking about — the feeling of it in my mouth, the way it gets hard in response to my lips and tongue, the fullness of my mouth being so stuffed with cock that I can’t even breathe, him pressed into the back of my throat cutting off my air supply… Gasping for quick breathes between mouthfuls of flesh… Savoring every sweet second, devouring every delicious inch.

Then he bends me over. Oh how I hate that part *evil grin*. He makes me play with myself while he fucks me from behind, calling me his good pussy. I used to be so offended by any kind of humiliation or objectification. I’m a good little feminist, had to tow that company line! But screw that, I’m his dirty little slut. And I love it!

After I’m good and fucked with at least one orgasm (he’s so considerate!), I get to clean my juices off him. That’s always such a treat, in more ways than one. There’s the obvious: another opportunity to enjoy my new hobby, along with the pleasant reminder of being used, of what a dirty girl I am.

It’s all so new and fun. In so many ways, I feel like a recently deflowered virgin who’s just discovered the wide and wonderful world of sex. I’m shy and bashful around my own husband, which is at once fun and yet so ridiculous. For the first time in our relationship, I’m the one who’s having trouble talking about my feelings, wants, and needs… Not wanting to be needy or demanding (for once!), but recognizing that I do still need to talk about these things — more than ever! Besides all the fun we’re having and the intimacy we’re sharing, I think one of the best things about this is what we’re growing and learning: him to ask for what he wants instead of getting frustrated and resentful, and me put him first for a change, and not get frustrated or resentful every time I don’t get my way.

2 thoughts on “Like a virgin

    1. It’s amazing how powerful the act of kneeling is for feeling my submission. I think Sir still gets weirded out by it when I “randomly” do it when he’s just sitting around, surfing Facebook on his phone. He asks, “are you okay?” And I’m like “couldn’t be better!”


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