Things they should teach in advanced sex ed1: Bare, smooth pussies are nice, but they make you pee everwhere. Proceed with caution!

I’m also going to take this moment to plug “Body Sugaring” instead of “waxing” for all you other beautiful people out there getting your hair pulled out in the wrong direction, using that awful waxy product that is harder to remove than tree sap. Sugaring removes the hairs in the same direction of growth, so you have far fewer breakages, and the residue is literally sugar, so it washes off with water. I highly recommend checking it out!

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Sir likes a smooth pussy. I’m a hippie, so for most of my life, I didn’t even bother removing hair form my legs and armpits, let alone my pubes. When we first got together, Sir carefully and tactfully asked if I’d ever tried waxing, and if I’d ever consider it. I tried it a few times and liked the smoothness. I got my pussy waxed for a little while, but eventually through a combination of our relationshionship going in a more non-sexual direction (partly due to my hormonal birth control and partly due to our comfort with a more companionable relationship) and the annoyance of pee spray, plus pain and cost of upkeep, I gave it up.

When we started down the Ds path, Sir asked me again if I’d be willing to get my legs and pits waxed, because hairy extremities remind him of a man and even though he’s into anal fisting and insertions, both receiving and giving with men if the right energy and situation comes up, he’s not sexually aroused by men. Sexual orientation is complicated, isn’t it?

Some of you are probably twitching by the fact that going into Ds, he still asked me. That might seem very un-Dom-like. But that goes to show how “committed” I’d been to my body hair in the past. From a combination of counter-culture, laziness of shaving or self-sugaring, and frugality of paying someone else to do the work, it had just become a part of me. Like, literally. I had it when we met, and I had never felt especially compelled to remove it. I’d gone through phases of removing it, sometimes for professional reasons or because I’d eventually caved to societal pressure. But over the last year, I’d gotten completely over it and exposed my hairy armpits and legs with pride and comfort. For a while I let my bush really grow — it almost became an experiment to see just how unruly it would actually get — but honestly it just got tangly and messy and annoying, so I started trimming it again.

But now was different. For me, this was the ultimate act of submission. Even though I do enjoy the feeling of smooth skin as a perk, I really am doing it for him. I can justify the cost because it’s not me spending the money, it’s him spending the money through me, because he likes it.

But speaking of money, I am still frugal, so first I went to the waxing place I used when I was in school. Ever heard of “Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick two?” This place was fast and cheap — cheaper than sugaring in Thailand, actually, which is really saying something. But they do a shit job. I had so many breakages — it was awful. I only made that mistake once. Now it wasn’t just about appearances for social pressure, it was about sensation and perfection for my Sir. He’s worth the extra money.

I do have a really good sugarer in town… out of “good, fast, cheap” she’s good x2. She takes forever — over 2 hours to do my armpits, full legs, and full brazilian, and she charges accordingly for her time — but she doesn’t miss a hair, at least without strong protest. Last week, when I got it done, I actually felt bad because I hadn’t exfoliated my skin even once since getting waxed for the last time ever, and the waxing had allowed more hairs to grow under the skin. She would have spent another hour at least working on those stray hairs, if not for the fact that I’d told her I had to be at “a talk” (which was actually Missy‘s SafeworD/s chat!) by noon. Lucky for me, I miscalculated the time zone difference and the chat actually started at 1pm, because she went until 12:20! I’d noticed my calculation error earlier that morning but had decided not to tell her just in case she went over her time. Good thing, too!

But wow oh wow am I happy with the results this time! Worth the time and money. It’s so soft and smooth, almost a week later. No sign of even one hair, except the renegades that escaped her time limit and I’ve been too lazy to pluck. As for the pee spray, I seem to be learning to control myself better and keep the dribble to a minimum. At any rate, the way my sex life’s been going lately, a little bit of pee to wipe up is a very small price to pay!!

1 Hah! Yeah, right. Advanced sex ed. Like they even teach basic sex ed it most places, let alone intermediate or advanced. Oh the things I would change if I ran the world…

8 thoughts on “Sprinkle Tinkle

    1. Have you had to “re-learn” anything? Sir doubted me when I said pee-dribble was a problem because he’s been talking to waxed girls for years and had never heard of it, but then he Googled it and found tons of comments and posts so he admitted it’s a thing!

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      1. Interesting! I always found the opposite, but I used a menstrual cup so there wasn’t much getting on the outer surfaces. Now I have an IUD and only get occasional spotting.

        I love how different every and each body is!

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  1. I haven’t noticed the pee dribble but don’t actually wax. HL decided he would wax me and, after watching a you tube video he gave it a go. It was awful and we have never revisited. I am currently using a laser hair remover which has definitely made a difference but although there is way less hair, there is still a coating which grows. I am not sure it will ever go completely although I hope so. I am not entirely sure about the bare. I like the feel of it but it looks slightly less flattering than with the patch that I used to have. I think the hair is more slimming on the eye somehow. I will persist for him though.

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    1. I have different feelings about the look of mine when bare, from amusement to confusion to arousal. I’ve heard great things about laser, I might give it a try one of these months.

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      1. I have the home one so it is a labour of love. It doesn’t last long like the waxing as you can only shave first as it needs a hair there to work. But I don’t get the stubbly phase the same as the hair disappears and becomes thinner and softer. I think they professional one would be different but very expensive.

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