You’ve been working long hours this week, and I’ve been trying to serve you however I know how, but it hasn’t been easy. You’re so independent and accustomed to doing for yourself. You weren’t raised to accept help from people. But during the day yesterday, I had a growing feeling that making coffee and keeping the place clean wasn’t enough. Those have already become habit.

I was happy when you phoned from the truck and asked me to have a beer ready when you came in. I was happy when you handed me your things to take, without word or surprise that I wanted to take them.

But still I wanted to do more for you. Since I’ve always been an asker, once I had the idea, it came easily enough to ask: “Please, let me do something for you. I don’t have anything specific in mind [knowing how much he knows I now giving blowjobs, and knowing how much blowjobs never really were “his thing,” I wanted to make it clear I wasn’t asking to give him a blowjob — although I would gladly have obliged!]. Just whatever would help you most to unwind after work. You’ve had such a long day, please let me take care of you.”

Well that worked! You always have been a pleaser, after all. I guess sometimes the only way to get your Dominant to let you serve him is to make it clear he’s doing you a favour. I’m paranoid of Topping from the bottom these days. Given my control-freak nature (which I’m learning is extremely common among submissives!), I find I’m constantly checking myself to see if what I’m asking for is more for me or for you. I’ll admit it, I was definitely asking for this for me, for my submission. But I absolutely wanted it to be something you actually wanted, otherwise what’s the point?

You’re so clever, as always. Your poor feet were laced up in those wicked mean workboots all day. Your socks were probably on day 3 or 4 and were starting to get a little…ripe. You asked me to rub some tea tree oil into them. I asked if you would like a hot footbath too, and you decided that sounded nice. I got that ready for you and they soaked for a good hour or so, with me adding more hot water as needed. After enough of that, I washed and dried your feet before rubbing in the tea tree oil. It was such a pleasure to do something you truly enjoyed and that really benefited you at the end of the long day.

I keep reading all these blogs and forum posts about Dominants who always use their submissives sexually to unwind, and honestly I get a little envious sometimes, since that’s a fantasy of mine. And it’s not even that I’m sexually unfulfilled, because I’m not. Well, I don’t think I am anyway. I mean I would probably enjoy more sex, if I’m being honest. But it’s not like I’m walking around feeling horny and unfulfilled all the time. Actually, I don’t even want to be “fulfilled” in my fantasies — that’s the whole point. I just want to be objectified into a dirty little cum hole. But that’s not your style. And ultimately, that not being your style as a man is probably what I love most about you. And D/s is a process, we’re taking it slow. I’m sure we can negotiate some scenes down the road, once we get more comfortable with all this (especially with you getting comfortable with the idea of treating your loving, charming wife as a fuck toy). At least I do get my moments.  It is ironic, actually, since your non-horndog attitude was one of the things I was most grateful for the whole rest of our relationship, since I had no sex drive and was happy I didn’t have some husband clawing at me all the time. Oh how things have changed — you can claw at me any time you want! Like that night at the bar the other day, that was so hot… your hands tucked in my pants, right in the middle of the room. Zero fucks given. You claimed me right there. I was Yours, and You wanted everyone to know it. Fuck that was hot!

4 thoughts on “Thank you for letting me wash your feet

  1. Remembering you are serving HIM in ways that make HIM happy can be hard! I sometimes get envious of other bloggers too.
    My husband gets home from work and usually sex is not even on mind. I’ve found that the best thing I can do for him is to help him relax by having a snack waiting for him and house clean with my chores done. Very unsexy, but I’ve found he’s more likely to be interested in sex when he can relax in other ways first.

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    1. It’s true! And to be fair, just because we’ve brought D/s in, doesn’t mean his basic nature changes. And tired is tired, it doesn’t matter how much he relaxes, after 14 hours there’s barely enough left for himself!


    2. Lol I guess the other thing to remember is that no one blogs about each and every day’s monotony, it gets summarised in posts like this. No one would read the blog that just said “Sir came home and nothing happened. Again. Tune I’m tomorrow!” day after day… 😛 It’s that same phenomenon as other social media, where people only post the good stuff, so you think other people’s lives are nothing but sugar and roses… But they have their struggle too! Maybe those submissives wish they got cuddled more, or for to do more service. Who knows?


      1. That’s an interesting thought. I think even blogging can make you feel the fear of missing out. I have to remind myself its okay not to be doing it all as we’re fairly new to D/s ourselves.


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