Delicious cock sweat

I was lucky enough to give the most delicious blowjob ever today.

Our outdoor plans this morning were thwarted by the rain, which gave us the opportunity to devote the whole morning to the talk we’d been planning for this weekend. One of the things Sir asked me about was what I wanted and needed both as a submissive and just for sexual fulfillment in general. I explained that one of the things I still really fantasize about is aggressive, throat-fucking blowjobs; but that I was worried that he just wasn’t that into blowjobs, and it sorta defeats the whole point if he’s just doing it for me. So he called me over and showed me his rock hard cock — asked if that looked like he wasn’t into it, and told me to start sucking. (Oh well, so much for talking).

Oh my god people, it was so beautiful. We were both hesitant at first. For my part, after all, the whole fantasy is to be forced into it (or rather, it be forced into me!) But ever the patient and caring Dom, he’s not going to do that until he’s sure I’ll really enjoy it, that the reality is going to live up to the fantasy (unlike the face slapping experiment!! I’d once felt an urge for something above the neck during another play session once and asked him to try slapping my face, but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Turned out I’d just needed a good biting.) So he put his hand on my head and gently but firmly pushed my head down a couple times, testing the waters. My gag reflex was being troublesome, since I was on my knees and bent over him sitting on the couch, which is probably the worst throat angle. But I worked through it (besides, the gagging is honestly half the fun sometimes) and was able to go all the way down repeatedly without throwing up (since that’s not our kink).

I’d also talked about anal play, so after letting me deep throat for a couple minutes, he instructed me to stand up, turn around, and sit on his cock. Oooo goodie, another position I’ve only fantasised about!

Now okay, what happened next is funny people, because at the time and for the past few hours, I totally forgot that I had my Diva Cup (menstrual cup) in. Neither one of us even realised it! I was bouncing around on there, probably shoving that thing right up my cunt. I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, other than the fact that I don’t think we’ve done that position before so in a way it was all different. Real thigh buster, that one! You’d expect it to be poking out at him, but when I asked him after I realised later, he said he didn’t even notice (not that he had anything to distract him or anything, like a nice pink bum to spank and a bum hole to play with, which he concentrated very hard on I think since he did such a lovely gentle job of starting out with that — thank you Sir!)

After he grew tired of fucking my pussy, he had me resume my oral servicing. I got more and more into it as I went, gasping and gulping him in, shoving his dick so far down my throat I couldn’t even think about breathing. Eventually I needed to take a break from that so I could catch my breath, and I moved to licking the shaft and sucking his balls. I don’t know what it is about this act — filling my mouth with his sack — but the more I do it, the more and more I worship his cock. I used to have such an aversion to cocks in general. I would enjoy them for their penetrative benefits, but I thought they were gross to look at, even grosser to lick or suck, and forget about jizzing in my mouth. And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I feel that much different about all the other cocks out there. It’s really something that’s grown out of the D/s, probably as a primal symbol of his masculinity and dominance. Cliché much? Oh biology, how I do love thee so.

Speaking of things I love, let’s get back to licking that beautiful cock and sucking those soft balls. I was running my tongue over every inch, discovering every nook and fold all over again, more and more eager with each moment. He was so salty and delicious, that I was utterly confused when he apologised for how he tasted. You see, Zeus has been working ridiculously long hours this week — just clocked in 42 hours overtime over the cycle, apparently, but they did sweet fuck all for the first 5 out of the 11 days, so you do the math — and last night was another late one. He hasn’t had a chance to take a proper shower in a few days, as we live a nomadic lifestyle so it’s not a simple matter of turning on the taps and hopping in.

But my dearest forgets some things. First, he married a hippie. I’ve always preferred real body odour over sharp cologne, and real body taste is just the natural corollary to that. Second, soap tastes like cilantro. Well, not to me, but he has that gene. I much prefer the salty, tangy taste of sweat over yucky, icky soap. I mean I appreciate the gesture of cleanliness and all, but I’m a big fan of water-only bathing as much as possible. I use Dr. Bronner’s on my armpits and hair, and my hands whenever they’re “dirty,” but I don’t feel the need to wash off every bacterium or drop of sweat that comes near my epidermis. Those things are all part of a healthy human biome.

I summarised this deep, insightful response very eloquently. I believe it went something like “wuh-uhn, I wike ih. Thoap is wukky awyway.” and went back to my worship. Because Zeus is not an ejaculator (he prefers to keep going, and retain his energy… it’s a tantric thing), I have learned to accept that I don’t get to have him fill my mouth. Perhaps eventually I’ll be gifted that treat, but that’s for him to decide when of course. So eventually I eased off and it got gentler and gentler, ending with soft kisses and licks with my head resting on his thighs. It was such a tender, loving moment. I felt so connected to him, and so utterly submissive. I had my beautiful tears still wetting my face from the earlier throat work, and a slight sniffle from the same. Ear, nose, and throat, right? Luckily my hearing seems unaffected.