What’s for dinner?

Well there’s still a bug with my comments, but at least my posts are in the reader again! I was so scared, I felt like I’d completely lost touch with my community! If anyone was following me through reader, there a a couple posts you’ll have missed. Juicy ones, too!

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And for my part, sorry for not visiting or being active on any other blogs. Between pouring over forum posts and trying to get in touch with Jetpack support, I barely had time to finish my tasks and throw something together for dinner!

Speaking of throwing something together for dinner, I think I’ll include some actual content here. I was chatting with a friend the other day, he’s having trouble motivating himself to cook at home instead of eating out all the time. I was reflecting on that. I totally used to have that problem. I wouldn’t even begin to think of “what” to cook for dinner, because it wasn’t even a given “that” I would could something for dinner. Maybe we would go out, or maybe I would throw in a frozen something. Once in a blue moon I would be motivated and cook something just for fun, freeze it up, and then actually forbid Sir from eating certain things because I wanted them for my lunches (I’m vegetarian and it’s hard to find food options on campus).

Now, it’s not even a question. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means on top of this yet. Habits like this take time to build. But at least the motivation is not a problem anymore. Sir will phone in the afternoon, maybe a few hours before he’ll be home and a couple hours more before he’ll want dinner. Plenty of warning! He’ll casually but deliberately ask “So what’s for dinner?” Not so much because he cares — he’s always been one of those awesome husbands who’s pretty much happy with whatever I make (as long as it doesn’t have cilantro or cumin) — but as an indirect but obvious way to remind me: make something for dinner, wife!

I actually really like it. I’ve always enjoyed cooking once I got started on something, but I always had trouble getting started. I have really strong inertia. If I’m resting, I tend to stay resting. If I’m moving, I tend to stay moving. Generally I tend to be resting more than moving. That’s just my energy. I used to think that meant I was lazy, but my yoga teacher in India reframed that for me. Some people just have more restful, peaceful energy and some people have more powerful, moving energy. Neither is better or worse, both make the work complete, and it’s important for everyone to have balance. It taught me to accept my restfulness as a personality trait rather than a flaw. But as someone who likes to stay resting, it’s hard to get up and start dinner. So now that it’s not a question of “if” but “what,” it’s so much easier to get something on the table, even if it’s still just throwing something together. That’s just a practice and imagination thing, the basic problem is solved!

I’ve also noticed that I’m just a lot more at peace at home now that it’s clean all the time, another thing I’m doing “for” Sir but enjoy for myself as well. Triple dido for the professional development he’s pushing me to do, since it keeps me active and engaged… even if it does cause occasional panic attacks when I accidentally break my blog and isolate myself from the rest of WordPress!!