Moved back to

I didn’t realise how many features you lose from switching to! No comments in the reader and it only shows part of your post. Crappy! So I’m cancelling that hosting since it’s within 30 days, and I’ll just point my domain at the free site.


Interestingly, WordPress seems to do this cool auto URL thing… My domain redirects to and yet the old links still worked. e.g. actually works and automatically goes to which was totally confusing at first. Then I did an experiment… what happens if you use Yep, that works too!

So that’s my amateur WordPress tip of the day! It makes it a little easier to link to your own posts, and apparently if you have domain re-directing, then goes to which goes to

Bonus, I won’t lose any sleep over broken links. I’m so thrilled and honoured to have been linked (Thank you!!) and I’m relieved I don’t have to trouble anyone to update links (in fact, I prefer the links because they’re more permanent, in case I ever move hosts again).